Pioneer SE-DJ5000 Professional DJ Headphones

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Pioneer SE-DJ5000 Professional DJ Headphones

Exclusive Single-Ear Monitor-Use Shoulder Rest
The SE-DJ5000 is equipped with a push-in shoulder pad designed to simplify single-ear monitoring during deejaying. This exclusive feature makes it possible to hold the headphone unit in place by resting it on one shoulder, leaving both hands free for other work.

50 mm Large-Diameter Headphones that Deliver Pro-Level Performance
The SE-DJ5000 is ideal for high-volume monitoring with high-sensitivity and 3000 mW high-power input capabilities. Highly insulated, tightly closed structure captures delicate sounds and ensures dynamic reproducilbility

Housing Rotation/Reverse Rotation Mechanism and Foldable Design
The SE-DJ5000's housing is capable of both rotation and reverse rotation to enable use as a one-ear monitor, or folded for convenience when carried or stored away.

Coiled Cord and Cord-Fixing Belt Clip Ensure Superb Freedom of Movement
Active DJs will appreciate the flexibility of movement that the SE-DJ5000's coiled cord and belt-clip provide.

Robust Stress-Absorbing Structure
Designed to support professional DJs in action, the SE-DJ5000 incorporates a solid construction featuring a high durability 04 mm cord and moving bushes that absorb sudden stresses, etc, to minimize the possibility of damage during active use.

Stereo/Monaural Switch
By switching to Mono during single-ear monitoring, the DJ can listen to a mixed L/R signal. This is an indispensable function for professional remixing.


Playback frequency range: 5-28000 Hz
Impedance: 55 ohms
Maximum input: 3000 mW
Output sound level: 105 dB/mW
Unit type: 50 mm dome type
Plug: 03.5 mm 3P mini plug (gold plated)
Accessories: Shoulder rest (shoulder pad), 06.3 mm 3P plug adaptor (gold plated) with screws, cord-fixing belt clip
Connection cord: 1.2 rn one-side out coiled cord (extending to 3 m)
Mass: Approx. 270 g (not including cord)