Pioneer SE-EO3II Headphone

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Pioneer SE-EO3II Headphone

The SE-EOIIs' one-touch design makes them easy to put on and wear; they wrap over the backs of your ears, and their earpieces fit snugly for improved musical reproduction. Their small size makes them very portable and easy to store when not in use, and they include an OFC litz wire cord with a gold-plated mini-plug.

Key Features:

* Open Air Type Bandless Headphone
* Powerful Stereo Audio reproduction
* Wide Frequency Range for dynamic digital audio sound reproduction
* 30% Less sound leakage
* Easy wearing and comfortable fitting
* Sport Design
* Available in three colors (Silver, Blue, and Black)


* Impedence: 32 ohm
* Max. Power Input: 50mW
* Frequency response: 15Hz - 24kHz