Sennheiser CC 540 Call Center Headset

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Sennheiser CC 540 Call Center Headset

Over the head, binaural headset with large ear caps supplied with ultra noise cancelling microphone and Activegard protection technology.


* The CC 540 is the headset for maximum productivity. The binaural headset offers powerful, precise sound to both ears for optimal understanding. Its durable construction makes it perfect for any type of office or professional communication
* ActiveGardTM safeguards the user from the effects of an acoustic burst
* Independent, double-sided headband adjustment and self-adjusting ball-mounted speaker capsules allow perfect fitting to the head
* 300° adjustable microphone boom allows microphone to be positioned exactly for optimal speech clarity. Teflon®* washer support increases positioning accuracy, stability and ensure optimal durability
* Unique comfort pads in the headband and specially padded ear caps distribute pressure and ensure remarkable comfort even during extended wearing time
* Binaural headset ensures maximum block out of background noise, increasing concentration and efficiency

Delivery Includes

* Acoustic foam ear pads
* Carry bag
* Clothing clip
* Colored identification clips (3)
* Leatherette ear pad
* Microphone windscreen

Technical Data

Microphone: Ultra Noise Canceling
Frequency response: 300 Hz ? 3400 Hz
Distortion: Less than 1%
Speaker impedance: ~300 Ω
Frequency response: 300 Hz ? 3400 Hz
Sound pressure: Max. 103 dB limited by ActiveGard?
Ear-cap size: Large ø 46 mm / 1.8 inch
Cable length: 1 m / 3.3 ft Kevlar®* reinforced
Connector: Easy Disconnect