Sennheiser Set 810 Wireless TV Audio Headphones

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Sennheiser Set 810 Wireless TV Audio Headphones

The Set 810 infra-red stereo TV listening system offers optimum sound quality and allows for undisturbed cordless listening. The stethoset receiver features an ergonomic design and is extremely comfortable to wear. The sound can easily be adjusted to your individual hearing needs using the large volume control on the receiver. The transmitter can be directly connected to a TV set or hi-fi system. The Set 810 system allows you to move around freely without the constrictions of cables within the room where the transmitter is placed.


* Stereo/mono selector switch
* Easy, intuitive operation
* Excellent speech intelligibility due to switchable compression
* Individually adjustable to the listener's hearing
* Very comfortable to wear due to individually adjustable earbow pressure
* Automatic on/off function
* Transmitter with integrated charging compartment for spare accupack
* Receiver quick charging on the transmitter
* Balance control for right/left volume adjustment
* Balance control for right/left bass response adjustment
* Colour: red/black

Delivery Includes

* 1 RI 810 stethoset receiver
* 1 TI 810 transmitter
* 1 BA 151 accupack
* 1 plug-in mains unit
* 1 spare set of ear-cushions, 1 audio connection cable with 3.5 mm/1 /4 " jack plug
* 1 SCART adaptor

Technical Data

Modulation: FM, stereo
Carrier frequencies: 2.3/2.8 MHz
Range: up to 12 m
Frequency response: 40 - 15,000 Hz
THD, total harmonic distortion: < 2 % (1 kHz)
Max. Sound pressure level (aktiv): 125 dB (1 kHz)
Signal-to-noise ratio: typ. 60 dB(A)
Operating time (receiver): up to 4 hrs
Charging time: approx. 4 hrs
Weight (Receiver): approx. 61 g (incl. accu)
Weight (Transmitter): approx. 94 g
Dimensions (Receiver): 230 x 125 x 25 mm
Dimensions (Transmitter): D: 150 mm, H: 47 mm
Audio-XLR connector: 3,5 mm, stereo/mono
Microphone connector: 2,5 mm, mono