Sennheiser UI 740 EU Ideal Active Box

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Sennheiser UI 740 EU Ideal Active Box

The ideal active UI box when PC compatibility is not required, the UI 740 EU enables the user to conveniently switch between headset and handset. UI 740 EU ensures the safety of your workforce by protecting against noise induced hearing damages in accordance with the EU noise at work directive.


* Special version of the UI 740 which based on a typical work day pattern secures compliance with the new Noise at work directive from EU
* Exclusively features Sound Clarity System, which reduces background noise and enhances the caller's voice
* Depending on the strength of the incoming signal, Dynamic Volume Control acts to raise or lower the volume to achieve the exact pre-set comfort level
* Compliance with the EU noise at work directive. Securing a max time weighted average sound level of 85db(A) from any Sennheiser Communications Headset
* Dynamic Volume Control prevents sudden noises from being uncomfortable to the wearer. It also ensures the person on the other end of the line is understood clearly first time, every time
* Three position switch guarantees easy installation
* Compatible with almost every digital and analogue telephone for easy planning
* The microphone mute allows the wearer to privately converse with others close by

Delivery Includes

* Headset stand
* CSTD01 cable

Technical Data

Connector: Easy Disconnect