Sennheiser UI 760 Ideal Headset Interface Box

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Sennheiser UI 760 Ideal Headset Interface Box

The UI 760 is the ideal headset interface box and even allows for economical call recording or integration of a PC into the system.


* Easy switching option between handset and headset as well as between phone and PC use
* Microphone mute allows the user to privately converse with others close by
* Large volume control dial for adjusting the signal during the call for optimal comfort
* Three position switch and microphone sensitivity adjustment ensures simple installation
* Secures compliance with the "noise at work" directive from EU by simply setting a switch
* Compatible with practically any digital or analogue telephone

Delivery Includes

* Included:
* 1.5 volt C-size battery (IEC LR 14 C)
* Telephone connecting cable (RJ 9 4/4)
* Modular to Easy Disconnect cable (Headset bottom cable)
* Instruction Manual
* Hook hanger (hook with self adhesive tape)
* Optional:
* Headset stand – for easy storage of headset. The 3-in-1 kit consists of headset stand, desk mount, fixation kit
* Dictaphone cable 3.5 mm jack to 3.5 mm jack (for voice recording)
* PC interface cable - RJ 9 4/4 to 2 x 3.5 mm jack
* PC USB interface cable - modular to USB

Technical Data

Connectors: modular RJ 9 4/4 and 2.5 mm jack
Battery: 1.5 volt (IEC LR 14 C)
Dimensions: 32 x 91 x 101 mm
Weight without battery: 137 grams / 4.9 ounces