Sony DR-EX151 Headset

Sony Updated: 2007-09-29
Sony DR-EX151 Headset

Created for mobile and PC use, the DR-EX151 headset can be used for internet telephony, internet chat, internet meetings and voice recognition. Features include an EX type headphone design which helps reduce surrounding noise for clear sound, and a super-small 9mm inner ear headphone. Use the supplied compact carrying case to conveniently take your headset anywhere. The L-shaped gold-plated mini plug (mic/headphone) enables an easy and secure connection to your PC, while the 1.2m cord length makes it simple to reach your devices.

EX type headphone

9mm inner ear headphone

Compact carrying case

Mono in-line microphone

Product Specifications
Cord Length (Approx.): 1.2m
Type of Use: 9mm EX Type of Use
Type of Use-2: Mono
Plug: L-shape gold plated mini plug