Sony Ericsson MH700 Stereo Portable Handsfree

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Sony Ericsson MH700 Stereo Portable Handsfree

Enjoy your music, it'll pause if you get a call. Simply answer with Stereo Portable Handsfree MH700’s handy microphone button. And its 3.5mm jack fits most mobiles, computers and MP3 players.

Superior sound
Each element of a Sony Ericsson music accessory is designed for best audio performance. Clear sound, deep bass and better performance as standard.

Never miss a call
It’s called a stereo portable handsfree because it’s for more than listening. A microphone, call answer key, 3.5 mm jack to swap headphones are all built in.

Swap your headphones
Your Stereo Portable Handsfree MH700 has a 3.5 mm plug built in so that you can swap the headphones to match how you listen to music in your phone. Customised comfort for your ears.

Dimensions: 3.0 x 3.0 x 1000.0
Weight: 27.0 gr

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