Sony MDR-DS3000 Infrared Wireless Dolby Digital Headphones

Sony Updated: 2007-09-29
Sony MDR-DS3000 Infrared Wireless Dolby Digital Headphones

Enter a world without wires with the new MDR-DS3000 infrared wireless headphones. These headphones are ideal for DVD players and other components with Dolby Digital, Dolby Surround or DTS Surround Sound. These unique open-air headphones are comfortable, cordless and have a 23 foot transmission range, a 90° transmission angle and a self-adjusting headband. For superb sound and mobility, the MDR-DS3000 infrared wireless headphones make the perfect addition to your home theatre.


Incorporates Sony VPT Virtual Phones Technology™ with advanced level 125MIPS (125 million instructions per second) Logic 3D Processor
for richer and more natural "live" sound quality, with "weightier" more substantial bass sounds to enhance the sense of live presence.

Decode-Mode Indicator on Front Panel
visually indicates when the system is in Dolby Digital, Dolby Surround, or DTS mode, and provides a stylized representation of the virtual speaker placement relative to the listener, for each mode.

Built In Sony Logic 3D Circuitry
uses 24 bit DSP (Digital Signal processing) at 125 MIPS (million instructions per second).

Optical Digital Input
allows use with Dolby Digital and PCM audio.

Gold Plated Analog Input
for noise-free Dolby stereo and pure stereo sources.

Fifth Order Delta/Sigma A/D Converter
uses 64X oversampling for high precision.

Multi-Level Delta/Sigma D/A Converter
achieves 18 bit resolution.

SILMIC Electrolytic Capacitors
are provided in the analog stage, for more natural sound.

35µm Copper Board Traces
are twice as thick as conventional designs, for higher conductivity.


Unique Open Air Headphones
with open air acoustic circuit provides greater wearing comfort even over extended listening sessions.

Cordless Design
lets you sit anywhere, even move around (within range of the transmitter) and still enjoy ideal surround sound.

High Power Infrared Transmitter
has separate FM carriers for wide bandwidth, high channel separation.

90° Transmission Angle (maximum)
further enhances your ability to enjoy uninterrupted surround sound listening without pinning you down to one spot.

Neodymium Magnets
pack more magnetic energy per ounce than conventional ferrite, samarium cobalt or aluminum magnets.

Long-Stroke 12µm Polyester Film Diaphragms
feature low mass for superb transient response; new diaphragm shape resists bending and flexing to provide low distortion.

Self-Adjusting Headband
conforms precisely to the shape of your head for a comfortable fit even after listening for hours on end.

Complete Kit Includes
high-powered transmitter, headphones, AC power adaptor, battery charger, Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries, and optical connecting cable.

Oversized 30mm Diameter Drive Units
are larger than most headphones, for noticeably deeper bass sounds.

Built In Dolby® Pro Logic II® Decoder
unlocks the Surround Sound tracks often included in VHS Hi-Fi, stereo TV, and other traditional sources to provide the maximum "live" entertainment experience available.

Built In Dolby Digital™, Dolby® Pro Logic II and DTS® 5.1 Decoders
reproduces all popular surround sound systems including state of the art 5.1 channel sound as well as Digital Theater Systems surround sound.

23 Foot Transmission Range
offers full listening enjoyment throughout the room or listening area, and allows you to sit where you are most comfortable while maintaining a sense of live presence.