Sony MDR-G45LP Street Style Neckband Headphones

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Sony MDR-G45LP Street Style Neckband Headphones

The behind-the-neck design of these stable, two-ounce Street Style™ neckband headphones won't interfere with your hair—you can even wear a hat without interference. Perfect for sports or just jogging through the neighborhood.

Wear these MDR-G45LP Street Style™ neckband headphones for hours in complete comfort. The lightweight construction has an urban design and weighs just two ounces without the cord, which is positioned on just one side to stay out of your way. Play sports, dance or just walk to your favorite music with these headphones that won¿t interfere with your hat or your hairstyle.

Behind-the-neck headband won't interfere with your hairstyle; lets you wear a hat; establishes a new look on the street.

Non-slip design stays on your ears, even during active sports; ideal for jogging, dancing, aerobics, blading and other activities you can now enhance with music.

Mini-plug resists corrosion for maximum conductivity, minimum noise.

30 mm diameter drive units are larger than many portable headphones for deeper bass, lower distortion and wider dynamic range (frequency response extends down to a low 16 Hz).

Ultra-small, ultra-light headphones weigh less than 2 ounces (55g) without cord; comfortable for hour after hour of wear.

Product Specifications

Weights and Measurements
* Cord Length (Approx.): 3.9 ft (1.2m)

* Headphone Type: Open-air, Dynamic

* Power Handling Capacity: 1,000mW (EIA)

* Design: Behind-the-neck
* Diaphragm: PET
* Headband: Behind-the-neck, Single
* Magnet: Ferrite
* Plug: Nickel-plated, L-shaped stereo mini plug
* Type of Use: Portable

* Driver Unit: 30mm
* Frequency Response: 16Hz - 20,000Hz
* Sensitivity (db): 104dB/mW

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