Sony MDR-IF240RK Wireless Stereo Headphone System

Sony Updated: 2007-09-29
Sony MDR-IF240RK Wireless Stereo Headphone System

Go wireless with your music. The MDR-IF240RK wireless stereo headphone system features 30mm drive units for deep bass, up to 60 hours of battery life with an optional alkaline battery or up to 35 hours of battery life with the supplied NiHM rechargeable battery, and a transmission range up to 24 feet. Also utilize the transmission coverage angle-up to 90°. Permitting an easy connection to your home audio system, TV or VCR, these headphones provide a personal entertainment experience you can move to.

30 mm diameter drive units
are larger than many portable headphones for deeper bass, lower distortion and wider dynamic range; frequency response extends down to a low 18 Hz.

Rechargeable battery
(supplied) saves repeated trips to the store; automatically recharges when you place the headphones on the supplied transmitter.

Up to 100 hours1 of battery life
with optional AA alkaline battery; up to 30 hours1 life with supplied rechargeable NiCad battery.

Complete kit
including high-powered transmitter/recharger, headphones, rechargeable battery, connecting cable, UniMatch® plug adapter and AC power adapter.

90° transmission angle
(maximum) for uninterrupted listening as you move around the room.

PET diaphragms
ensure high rigidity for minimum distortion; low mass for extended high-frequency response out to 22,000 Hz.

Ferrite magnets
combine high energy and small size, for ample sound output.

Wide headband
with a separate self-adjusting band conforms precisely to the curve of your head; stays comfortable, even after listening for hours on end.

Mute function
to avoid noise through the headphones; cuts out the sound when no audio signal is available.

Automatic headphones power switch
conserves battery life; the headphones turn on when you place them on your head.

Single volume control
in one earpiece conveniently adjusts the volume for both channels.

Supplied connecting cord
with Sony UniMatch® plug that goes to the headphone output of your high fidelity system, TV set or VCR; UniMatch system accommodates either the phone jack on high fidelity components or the minijack found on video components.

Cordless design
lets you move around the room and still enjoy music or TV sound tracks; lets you turn the volume up late at night -- without disturbing anyone else.

Easy connection
to TV, VCR and audio systems, through the supplied connecting cord and plug adapter.

Light weight
so you can wear them comfortably for hours on end.

Open-air design
lets you continue to hear ambient sound.

High-power infrared transmitter
incorporates multiple Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for extended coverage range.

24 foot transmission range
for listening enjoyment throughout the room; lets you sit back from the TV set and still enjoy TV sound.