Sony MDR-J11G h.ear Sports Headphones

Sony Updated: 2007-09-28
Sony MDR-J11G h.ear Sports Headphones

The MDR-J11G headphones are made for athletes. With vertical in-ear design, clip-on style and water resistant construction, these headphones are perfect for outdoor or indoor activities. Make the MDR-J11G headphones your new workout partner.

Vertical in-the-ear design
reduces size and weight to the minimum; comfortable hour after hour.

Clip on style
headphones feature a headband-free design where the clips follow the contour of the ears.

Non-Slip Design for Secure Fit on Ears
fits snugly yet comfortably so you can enjoy music while exercising, skating, dancing or playing sports.

Minimizes sound leakage
for consistently clear reproduction.

headphones are comfortable to wear, even for extended periods; also allow you to hear ambient sound.

13.5 mm driver
is small enough to fit inside your ear.

Tangle-free storage cord
is adjustable, and makes for easy storage in a backpack, briefcase or purse.

Water resistant design
included seals to protect the driver of the headphone.

Secure clip
attached to clothing to prevent headphones from being pulled off and dropped during sports activities.