Sony MDR-NC22 Noise Canceling Headphones

Sony Updated: 2007-09-28
Sony MDR-NC22 Noise Canceling Headphones

No matter where you go, enjoy peace and quiet with the MDR-NC22 noise canceling headphones. These compact and comfortable bud-style headphones can reduce noise by 75% (12dB at 200 Hz), and the 13.5mm driver units produce powerful sound. Perfect for tuning out noise at work, traveling, or even when you are trying to sleep in a loud environment. The noise canceling circuit actually senses outside noise with built-in microphones and sends an equal-but-opposite canceling signal to the headphones. Additional features include an in-flight adapter, compact battery box and it even comes with a carrying pouch.

Noise reduction
Reduces noise by 75% (12db at 300Hz) when noise canceling circuit is switched on.

13.5mm driver units
The drivers sit just outside the ear with the tip of the earbud small enough to fit into the ear canal for additional comfort, secure fit and sound blockage.

Ideal for work
Helps you shut off outside noise and concentrate on the job better.

Ideal for quiet environment
Ideal for getting quiet environment to rest in noisy places, including dormitories, hotel rooms and planes , by using noise canceling feature without music.

Noise canceling headphones
Noise canceling headphones have an inside microphone on each earpiece that work with an electronic circuitry to create an opposite sound wave to reduce wave. Up to 75% ambient noise cancellation (12dB at 30Hz).

Monitor switch
Convenient monitor switch located on the battery box. Switch turns off the Noise Canceling feature (Red Power LED off) and silence the music. Ideal to listen to announcement, flight attendant, or any external sound without the need to take the headphone out. Power button just turns the Noise Canceling feature but do not turns/silence the music off.

In the ear design
In the ear design fits comfortably inside the ear, eliminating headband ideal for enjoying music while exercising, skating or dancing.

Battery box
Small battery box for AAA battery.

Convenient passive feature
Convenient passive feature that allows the headphone to function as regular stereo headphones without battery (noise canceling not activated) so one can take only one pair of headphones (using battery and Noise Canceling features in noisy environment; or saving by not using battery and not using Noise Canceling feature on quieter environments).