Sony MDR-RF925RK Wireless Radio Frequency Headphones

Sony Updated: 2007-09-29
Sony MDR-RF925RK Wireless Radio Frequency Headphones

No more fussing with messy wires. The MDR-RF925RK wireless headphones system gives you the freedom to travel up to 150 feet from your sound source while delivering stereo quality sound. This system includes Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, 900MHz RF wireless transmission and headphones with a 40mm driver for deep bass. An auto tuning feature conveniently scans up and down the band to automatically tune in channels. The MDR-RF925RK wireless headphones system enables an easy connection to a wide variety of sound sources.

900MHz RF wireless transmission, FM stereo sound
Induction charging: not direct pin contact for ease
Volume control on ear piece, auto power On/Off

Product Specifications
Frequency Range: FM stereo
Transmitter: Ch1:915.5MHz, Ch2:916.0MHz, Ch3:916.5MHz [selective]
Channel Selection: Select by a slide switch
Frequency Response: 38kHz (Sub Carrier frequency); 19kHz (Pilot tone)
Effective Range: Max. 150ft (46m) for signal reception distance
Headphone Type: Closed, dynamic
Driver Unit: 40mm
Diaphragm: PET
Magnet: Ferrite
Tuning: Manual Tuning
Frequency Response-2: 20-20,000Hz
Output Power: 5mW + 5mW
Volume Control: Yes (Rotary)
Headphone Type-2: Headband: Mold band with self adjusting mechanism for suspenders
Battery Type: Rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack (supplied); AAA x2 (not supplied)
Battery Life (Approx.): 18H (with fully charged supplied NiMH battery pack); 28H (with AAA type alkaline battery)
Battery Charging (Approx.): 16H (to fully charge an empty battery); Battery are charged by placing MDR on TMR
Power On/Off: Power turns ON when headphones are worn; Red LED light indicator
Noise Level: Mute operates when RF signal is weak or not received
Transmitter-2: 30-12,000Hz
Internal Power Supply: Transmitter: Supplied AC adapter (12V,200mA)
Power On/Off-2: Transmitter: ON, when signal sent at audio input
Weight (Approx.): Transmitter: 220g
Diameter (Approx.): Transmitter: 216x 105 x 96mm