Sony MDR-V150 Studio Monitor Series Headphones

Sony Updated: 2007-09-29
Sony MDR-V150 Studio Monitor Series Headphones

The MDR-V150 Studio Monitor Series headphones are built for your ears. They feature supra-aural design for excellent listening comfort. Also included are the 30mm diameter drivers for deep bass, high-energy ferrite magnets, reversible earcups for single-sided monitoring, a wide molded headband for long-lasting comfort, and a stereo UniMatch® plug. Indulge yourself in amazing sound.

Studio Monitor Series Headphones
incorporate high-end materials and advanced engineering; critically clean, exceptionally clear sound for professional and high fidelity applications.

Reversible earcups
enable single-sided monitoring flexibility.

30 mm diameter drive units
are larger than many headphones for deeper bass, lower distortion and wider dynamic range; bass response extends down to a low 18 Hz.

500 mW power handling
stands up to day-in, day-out use at high output levels.

Ferrite magnets
for high energy and compact size; help produce ample sound output -- 98 dB/mW sensitivity.

Oxygen-free copper cord
for maximum conductivity, minimum noise; conducts electricity better than conventional copper.

Supra-aural design
rests lightly on the ear; creates a controlled environment for better sound; driver is positioned the correct distance from the ear canal.

Wide, molded headband
distributes the headphone's weight over a wide area; reduced pressure means comfortable listening for hours on end.