Sony MDR-W08L Vertical in-the-ear Headphones

Sony Updated: 2007-09-29
Sony MDR-W08L Vertical in-the-ear Headphones

The MDR-W08L vertical headphones feature acoustic turbo circuitry, a high power neodymium magnet and an L-shaped mini plug, these headphones combine quality sound with a comfortable fit. This product also admits outside sound for added safety when you're listening on the go.

Vertical In-The-Ear Design
reduces size and weight to the bare minimum; comfortable hour after hour.

Slim Headband
is ultra-light, ultra-comfortable.

Sony Acoustic Turbo Circuit
for high efficiency, gets high sonic output from your portable stereo.

Neodymium Magnet
for maximum energy in minimum size; Neodymium is comparably more powerful than conventional Samarium Cobalt or Aluminum magnets.

13.5 MM Diameter Driver
is small enough to fit inside your ear.

Nickel-Plated Mini-Plug
resists corrosion for high conductivity, low noise.