Fujifilm FCR CAPSULA XL/X Digital X-ray System

FUJIFILM Updated: 2007-09-24
Fujifilm FCR CAPSULA XL/X Digital X-ray System

* Small enough to fit anywhere - footprint 0.22 m2, height 0.81 m

* Easy operations viewed on small monitor

* Supports various diagnostic imaging sizes (7 sizes including 15 x 30 cm)

As the name implies, CAPSULA, meaning small box in Latin, has been drastically trimmed to be smaller and lighter than ever. With FUJIFILM's revolutionary vertical cassette loading method, workspace is reduced compared to previous horizontal insertion models, with no compromise in speed or image quality.

FUJIFILM expands your versatility solution by providing two models with the following features:

FCR CAPSULA XL processing up to 94 images per hour in fast scan mode* is an ideal product for small- to medium-sized facilities where quick image availability and high volume processing are critical.

FCR CAPSULA X processing 43-72 images per hour is optimal for remote or low volume areas with less demanding workflow.

*Fast scan mode scans image at 5 pixel/mm resolution.