Fujifilm FCR PROFECT CS Digital X-ray System

FUJIFILM Updated: 2007-09-24
Fujifilm FCR PROFECT CS Digital X-ray System

FUJIFILM Computed Radiography (CR), the world's first CR to receive PMA approval from FDA for mammography !!


* Superior image quality with 20 pixel/mm sampling pitch for mammography

* Convenient stacker accommodating four cassettes at once

* Compact design and footprint of 0.48 m2

FCR PROFECT CS, FUJIFILM's latest mammography FCR reader will optimize your mammogram imaging needs. It is loaded with image optimizing features such as Dual-Sided Imaging Plates (IP) available in its super-fine resolution and unexcelled throughput speed ensuring full-spectrum mammography enhancement.

DSR (Dual-Side IP Reading)
Dual-Side IP (Imaging Plate) Reading technology allows the use of a thicker phosphor layer on the IP and transparent base, thereby increasing DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency) by collecting the emissions from both sides of the IP with optimal, spatial frequency-dependent factors.