Garmin Forerunner 301 GPS Personal Trainer

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Garmin Forerunner 301 GPS Personal Trainer

Get results in a heartbeat with the Forerunner 301. This versatile personal trainer adds a digital, coded heart rate monitor to the list of Forerunner features and supports multiple sport profiles for running, biking and other sports — perfect for any athlete who wants to see tangible results.

Get in Your Zone
The Forerunner 301's heart rate monitor continuously tracks and records your heart rate so you can see whether you're training too hard or not hard enough. What's more, Forerunner 301 also displays your current heart rate zone, a range of heart beats per minute that helps you gauge the intensity of your workout and train more effectively. After a few intense runs, Forerunner's AutoLearn™ feature calculates your heart rate zones and automatically adjusts them as your fitness level improves.

Cross-Train with Ease
Forerunner 301 has three separate sport modes for running, biking and another activity. Just press and hold the mode button to switch between sports and record your run, ride, hike or other workout. You can also use Forerunner 301 to train for your next duathlon or triathlon with the multi-sport setting. This feature lets you seamlessly transition between sports without resetting the unit, so you can include running, biking and another sport, all in the same workout.

Track Your Progress
As an added benefit, you can plan, analyze and store data from your workouts using free Garmin Training Center® software, which lets you store and analyze data with interactive graphs that chart your pace, time, distance and heart rate. Overlay your run on a map so you can pinpoint specific areas and see how elevation and other factors affect your performance. Or, upload your workout data to, Garmin's web-based application that provides in-depth analysis of your workouts, online mapping and route sharing that will take your training to the next level. Endurance athletes can also use the Forerunner with, an easy-to-use web based training system designed to help athletes train for any event.

Forerunner 301: You'll like the results

More Forerunner 301 features:

* Use AutoLearn™ feature to learn your heart rate zones and automatically adjust them as fitness levels improve.
* Mark a new lap at a preset distance or time with AutoLap®.
* Use AutoPause® to stop the timer automatically when you slow down or stop during your run.
* Race against your Virtual Partner™ over a specified pace and distance.
* Automatically scroll through data pages during your workout.
* Set a heart rate, pace or distance alarm to sound an alert when you reach or exceed your target heart rate, pace or distance.
* Customize one of the main data pages to show the exact data you want to see.
* Mark specific locations, and then look up and navigate to these points using an electronic map.
* Retrace your steps to a starting point (Back to Start feature) or reverse your normal route for routine variation.
* Track and calculate calories burned over the course of a workout.
* Automatically record up to 5000 laps; the Forerunner stores approximately two years of data by day, week or month.
* Customize the fit of the wristband with the included expander strap.