Konica Minolta Drypro Model 793 Laser Imager

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Konica Minolta Drypro Model 793 Laser Imager

Embracing image-based diagnosis, Konica Minolta has once again met the critical demands of the medical imaging industry and presents its next generation dry imager,

Featuring 4-size printing capability and space-saving design.
Capable of printing 4 film sizes (14×17, 11x14, 10×12, 8×10-inch) as well as adaptability to ever more diverse modalities. This versatility satisfies the size needs of CR, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, and Mammography all in one imager.
Even with an optional six-tray sorter installed, the DRYPRO 793 boasts a footprint of a mere 0.43m², making it one of the smallest full-size, multi-modality dry imagers available.

Furnished with a wide range of convenient functions.
A Start Timer function automatically powers and warms up the unit by the time you get into the office. Previous Page printing makes reprinting films quick and easy. Status indicators let you know how much film remains in each tray.
Wide range of options available to meet user requirements.

Five film sizes and two trays
One film tray is mounted in the standard configuration with optional second and third trays available. 14-inch(accepts 14×17,11×14-inch), 10-inch(accepts 10×12-inch) and 8-inch(accepts 8×10-inch) trays are available as options, providing flexibility of configuration to meet user needs. Additionally, a 6-channel sorter is offered to facilitate post-print sorting.

User-friendly operability
The DRYPRO 793 features a large, color, LCD touch panel. The crisp clear display provides easy reading in many selectable languages. The menus are intuitive and easy to navigate.
The DRYPRO 793 also features new screen layouts for displaying film type and size and system status.

Featuring new animated display
The DRYPRO 793 provides animated instructions in the event the imager runs out of film or requests some action for the user. The step-by-step animation presents procedures in an easy to understand format that facilitates quick resolution. This feature frees the user from the burden of referring to manuals in the course of day-to-day operation and makes the unit easy to use even for an inexperienced operator.

Five film sizes and two trays
DRYPRO 793 is furnished with a Web maintenance function that allows the user to use a PC on the same network to access such information as the device status and print progress via the web browser. This affords the user an added degree of security by enabling access to print progress from modalities at remote locations.

Specifications of DRYPRO Model 793

Laser Source: Semiconductor laser
Film Size: 14"×17" (35×43cm), 14"×14" (35×35cm), 11"×14" (28×35cm),10"×12" (25×30cm) and 8"×10" (20×25cm) selectable
Film: Dry image recording film SD-P/SD-PC
Image format: 1,2,4,6,8,9,12,15,16,20,24,25,30,35,36,42,48,54,56,60,63,64
Image memory: Hard disk (80GB/standard), Print memory (512MB/standard)
Input Port: 16 ports (max.) Number of pixels (14"×17"): REGIUS connection:8079×9752 pixel
None REGIUS connection:7805×9336pixel
Pixels size: 43.75μ (standard)・25μ (fine) *optinal 1GB memory are required
and only available for 11"×14", 10"×12" and 8"×10" films.
Image data input: 8 bits/12bits
Output gradation: 16384 levels (14bits)
Image mode: Pixel replication/Function interpolation process
Processing capability: Approx. 120 sheets (14"×17")/hour
Input interface: Ethernet 10 base-T/100 base-TX
Protocol: DICOM Print Management
Supply: Max. 3 channels. 14 inch tray is always the 1st tray,
2nd and 3rd trays are selectable (14"×17", 10"×12", and 8"×10").
Standby function: Start timer/Nighttime standby
Boarder processing: Black/White
Trimmed frame: Available
Density Correction: Automatic via built-in densitometer
Positive/negative: Available
DICOM functions: Presentation LUT service class/Requested Image Size
Noise Level: Printing:55dB or less
standby:50dB or less
Operating condition: 15-30 (59-86F) 30-70% RH (no condensation)
Power: 100-120V AC/220-240V AC, 9.0-7.5A/4.5-4.0A
Heat generation: Approx. 1200kJ/hour (approx. 286kcal/hour)
Foot Print: 0.43m²
Dimensions: W675×D640×H1420mm; W26.5×D25.1×H55.9 inch
Weight: approx. 255kg (561lb) *with 2film trays
Applicable: IEC60601-1-2:2001, IE60601-1:1988,IEC60825:2001
Accessories: Power Cable, Operation Manual,Cutter (for film loading),
Options: Sorter LiS-793, Expanded Print Memory (1GB),Tray Kit (all 14inch, 10inch and 8×10inch),Tray cover, Deodorant Filter, Cleaning sheet