Konica Minolta Regius Digital Imaging Suite

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Konica Minolta Regius Digital Imaging Suite

The RDIS Ceiling-Mounted System is designed for taking all types of imaging exams. Offering maximum flexibility, the centralized handgrips provide smooth and responsive system movements. The RDIS Floor-Mounted Systems are ideal for high patient volume rooms. The extended freedom of movement allows for a wide array of examinations. Ergonomically designed operator hand controls simplify tube stand positioning.

Automatic Collimation comes standard on all systems.

RDIS Elevating Float Top Table
The RDIS Elevating Float Top Table eases patient transfer and positioning. The rugged lifting mechanism, extra-wide surface, and high patient weight capacity easily accommodates a wide variety of physical types and makes patient positioning and transfer smooth and comfortable. The table lowers easily to accommodate a variety of stretcher and wheelchair patients.

Ultra High Frequency X-Ray Generator
Advanced transformer design provides precise voltage control and highly efficient x-ray production. The RDIS generator delivers superb accuracy, repeatability and system reliability. Anatomical Programmed Radiography(APR) offers 100 exam views for automatic technique factor selection, with up to 50 unique techniques per view.Choose 50 kW, 65 kW or 80 kW for your specific needs.

The REGIUS 370 DR System

* Advanced Cesium Bromide (CsBr) imaging plate with columnar structure that rivals detective quantum efficiency found in other DR systems
* Versatile with selectable exposure sizes, including a maximum of 17" x 17"
* Includes an anti-scatter grid with 40–72 focal distance
* Programmable sampling pitch of 87.5 μm and 175 μm for optimal resolution
* Supports automatic collimation and tube tracking
* Wheelchair friendly with patient knee-sensor, and hand grips positioned for anterior and lateral exposures

REGIUS Digital Imaging Suite Control Station

* Single Control Station for both CR and DR simplifies user operation and learning curve
* Advanced imaging process for optimal imaging quality for all applications
* Automated software features reduce the number of steps and improve productivity
* Touch Screen for rapid exam performance

Nano CR System

* High performance single bay CR reader
* Compact foot print with selectable space orientation for in-room installation
* Fast cycle time and preview time that allows for better patient care
* Reliable and consistent performance maximizes uptime
* Contact-free and rigid imaging plates for extended lifetime
* Programmable sampling pitch of 87.5 μm and 175 μm for optimal resolution
* Supports long length exams (scoliosis) for single-exposure capture