Motorola Mobile AFIS

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Motorola Mobile AFIS

Motorola's core competencies (radio communications, mobile applications and AFIS) are combined in one powerful tool to make the world a safer place: Mobile AFIS.

Using the latest wireless protocols, Mobile AFIS gives officials the ability to rapidly identify individuals by comparing data against secured credentials, a local database and remote AFIS networks. Motorola's Mobile Automated Fingerprint Identification System provides remote and timely access to fingerprints, facial images and individual records.

Seamless end-to-end, secure solution with capture, storage, transmission and verification tools operating in a remote environment for the identification of fingerprints and facial images. Plus it's designed to operate for at least a full eight-hour shift.

Mobile AFIS is based on over 75 years of wireless innovation and over 30 years of AFIS leadership. It's also built upon the top rated MINEX AFIS algorithms, for interoperability.

Choose from a variety of device form factors to meet your mission-critical needs. Your Mobile AFIS can be configured to a wide range of communication standards such as GPRS, ASTRO, Tetra, GSM, CDMA, 802.11b wireless LAN, Bluetooth or Mesh networks.

Mobile AFIS' intuitive workflows simplify operator training and translate into efficient device operation in the field. With automatic fingerprint capture, this solution requires minimal officer/agent device interaction and its easily accessed buttons allow for one-handed use. It also offers automatic population of information retrieved from smart cards and ePassports.

Motorola's Mobile AFIS solution is compliant with all international standards for fingerprints, facial images and wireless communications. The software supports ANSI/NIST, ISO, ICAO and other international standards.

FIPS 140-2 encryption certified for secure wireless transmission of biometrics and alphanumeric information.