Olympus AU3000i Immunoassay System

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus AU3000i Immunoassay System

Designed to deliver the quality and productivity you need today and in the future, the AU3000i™ Immunoassay System combines capacity with high throughput, for maximized walk-away convenience in high volume laboratories.

Smart Assay and Hardware Design

* 1-step, 2-step, and competition assays formats
* Magnetic particle capture and chemiluminescence signal detection
* Standardized interchangeable sample racks between all AU® systems simplifies sample handling and workflow, whether you choose the AU3000i workstation or Olympus laboratory automation solutions.

Fast and Reliable Turn around Times

* Up to 240 tests per hour
* Dedicated emergency lane for STAT results in 18 minutes
* Routine assay results in 28 minutes
* Designed to achieve the same reliability as AU-chemistry systems

Walk-away Design Saves Operator Time

* 300-primary sample rack loading for peak workload
* 1,000 cuvette and 1,000 disposable tip capacity with on-the-fly refill
* On-board capacity of 24 tests, with up to five sets (1,000 tests) of any single analyte for high volume assays
* Up to 4 hours walk-away time
* Automated reflex and repeat testing
* Automated pre-dilution

Sample Handling

* Disposable tips eliminate carry over risk
* Liquid level sensing, Clot detection, Crash prevention
* Direct tube sampling for 3.0, 5.0, 7.0, and 10.0 primary tubes and pediatric cups
* Sample-type flexibility (Serum, plasma)

Automated Reagent Handling

* Bar-coded cartridges provide on-board management (random placement, on-board stability and calibration tracking)
* Automatic changeover from empty to fresh reagent bottle s
* Automatic tracking of on-board inventory decreases interruptions for reagent loading

Calibration and QC

* One-point or two-point user calibrators are supplied with each assay kit
* Lot-specific master calibration curves contain up to 16 calibration points, with concentrations programmed into the system from CD-ROM
* R2 reagent 2-dimensional barcode correspond to a pre-programmed lot-specific master calibration curve and calibrator concentrations, as well as QC.
* 1-dimensional barcode on R1, QC, and calibrator link the kit components to the R2.

Efficient Review of Results

* Choice of QC trending: Westgard multi-rule procedure, Twin plots, Levey-Jennings daily and day-to-day plots
* Search function to retrieve data by individual sample and type of test (up to 30,000 patient files)
* User-definable flags for abnormal results

User-friendly Software Simplifies Training and Operation

* Touch screen interface, maintenance videos
* Customizable User Menu Screen
* Drop-down menus, icons, color-keyed graphics
* Integrated User's Guide with links, search, and bookmarks
* Software capabilities support CLIA, CLSI (formally NCCLS), and CAP compliance

Proactive and Convenient Service & Support

* Remote service and support with Olympus SupportVision™
* Remote connection to QC peer review programs, service alerts and on-line ordering via Olympus Partner Advantage portal

Maintenance: Automated for Minimum Operator Intervention

* Programmable start-up
* Automated washes and checks
* 5-minute daily maintenance