Olympus AU400e Chemistry Analyzer

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Olympus AU400e Chemistry Analyzer

The AU400e® is ideal as a primary chemistry analyzer for small- to medium-size hospitals and laboratories or as a dedicated specialty analyzer for larger institutions. Automate and consolidate chemistry testing with Olympus’ 125 test menu including chemistry, urine chemistry, specific proteins, esoteric chemistries and tests for therapeutic drug monitoring, drugs-of-abuse, and thyroid function. With random access throughput of up to 400 photometric tests per hour (up to 800 with electrolytes), on-board menu of over 40 tests and user-definable sample handling options, the AU400e delivers efficiency for real world lab needs.


* Only Olympus standardizes chemistry testing from 400 to 6,600 tests per hour for low to very high volume laboratories. This translates to higher productivity, increased efficiency and greater cost savings for your lab.

Fast and reliable turnaround times

* Up to 400 photometric tests per hour and up to 800 tests per hour with electrolytes
* Immediate STAT interrupt with HCFA basic metabolic eight test panel results available within five minutes

Walk away design saves operator time

* 80-sample rack loading for peak workloads
* 22-sample carousel for STAT
* Direct tube sampling for 3.0, 5.0, 7.0, 10.0 mL primary tubes and pediatric cups
* Mixed bar code capability
* Automated reflex and repeat testing
* Automated pre-dilution for urine and other specimens

Automated reagent handling

* Olympus reagents are liquid and ready-to-use
* Barcoded cartridges provides on-board management (random placement, on-board stability and calibration tracking)
* All 76 R1/R2 reagent positions are open for third-party reagent use
* State-of-the-art Advanced Calibration stores up to 5 calibration curves per test
* Reagent Inventory predicts shortfalls by comparing on-board reagent versus average daily workloads
* Automatic changeover from empty to fresh bottle

Efficient review of results

* Choice of QC trending: Westgard multi-rule procedure, Twin plots, Levey-Jennings daily and day-to-day plots
* Search function to retrieve data by individual sample and type of test (up to 30,000 patient files)
* User-definable flags for abnormal results

Precision engineering for reliability and accuracy

* Capacitance liquid level detection to ensure accurate pipetting for reagents and specimens
* Clot detection and crash prevention for probes
* Exclusive spot photometric technology for precision optics

User-friendly Windows NT® software simplifies training and operation

* Drop-down menus, icons, color-keyed graphics
* User Menu to customize operation
* Operator's Guide with links, search, and bookmarks
* Software capabilities support CLIA, NCCLS, and CAP compliance
* Computer-displayed maintenance videos
* Modem-linked Technical Support for access to Olympus experts

Maintenance: Automated for minimum operator time

* Programmable start-up
* Automated washes and checks
* Olympus dry-bath technology means no water bath maintenance
* Minimum disposables:
o Permanent glass cuvettes
o ISE electrodes are warranted for six months
o No sample or reagent tips to replace

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