Panasonic EU7805K Core Muscle Trainer

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Panasonic EU7805K Core Muscle Trainer

New Improved Movements
The Core Muscle Trainer II's counter-balance technology adds a whole new dimension to your workout by integrating up, down, forward and backward movements with side-to-side and twisting, to create a unique figure-eight motion. The proven results show greater core muscle-building benefits, and an effective, low-impact, strength-training workout in just 15 minutes a day.

LCD Display
The new LCD display helps users keep an accurate record of their workouts by showing calories burned and the muscles activated during a workout session, in addition to the exercise program time remaining.

Effective Pre- Programs
In addition to an improved, ergonomic seat design for added comfort, The Core Muscle Trainer II also offers 7 pre-programs plus a Manual mode.

* Twisting Movement: increases activity in ab muscles.
* Up/Down Movement: increases activity in abs and thighs.
* Forward/Backward: increased movements on abs and lower back muscles.
* Sliding/Rolling: increased movements on abs, obliques and thighs.

Easy to Use
Perfect for beginners and/or serious athletes, the Core Muscle Trainer II puts no stress on your heart or joints, is easy to learn to use and simple to control. It's especially effective for those with exercise limitations such as:

* Difficulty tolerating pressure or stress on joints
* Required to maintain heart rate below a target level
* Limited aerobic capacity

A Great Addition to Your Home
No longer is lack of space an excuse for not owning exercise equipment. The Core Muscle Trainer II's compact size, quiet operation and stylish design fits in just about any room and makes it easy to watch TV, talk or read a book while exercising.