Brother BE-1204C Embroidery Machine

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Brother BE-1204C Embroidery Machine

12 Needle 4 Head Wide Embroidery Machine

This embroidery machine features a large sew area of 15" x 16". Optimized thread tension ensures that finishes are always stable and attractive. Total cycle time is shorter, and these models are ideal for both multi-variety small-lot production and small-variety large-lot production.


* Automatic color change
* Automatic Thread Trimmer
* Universal Needle Plate


Number of Needles Per Head: 12
Network Capabilities: Connect Multiple machines to one computer for networking
Stitch Length: 0.1mm - 12.7mm
Rotary Hook: Jumbo "M" style bobbin
Embroidery Size: 500mm 450mm
Border: 500mm 450mm
Tubular: 400mm 400mm
Wide Area Caps: 360mm 95mm
Power Source Consumption: Single phase 200 V, 220 v, 230v, 240v, 1.1 kVA
Dimensions at Deliver: 1400(H)x3040(W)x810(L)
Dimensions at Setup: 1750(H)x3040(W)x1360(L)
Weight: 1474 lbs.
Max. Sewing Speed: 1000 rpm

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