Brother BE-438D Auto Sewing Machine

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Brother BE-438D Auto Sewing Machine

Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Button Sewer

* Attractive sewing accurate to the sewing data
* Low power consumption
* Low noise and low vibration
* Clean Sewing
* Max. sewing area (X-Y): 6.4 X 6.4 mm
* Stitch length: 0.05-12.7mm
* Button clamp height: 13 mm
* Number of stored data: 49 sewing patterns as standard
* Button size: 8-30 mm outer diameter
* Max. sewing speed: 2,700 rpm
* Thread trimmer, thread wiper, and thread nipper equipped as standard


* Maximum Speed: 2,700 rpm
* Positioning Carried Out Quickly and Accurately
* Work Clamp Lift Amount Is Automatically Changed According To The Program
* Follow-up Processing Unnecessary after Thread Trimming
* Prevents Thread cast-off, Bird's Nests, and Stains on the Thread at the Beginning of the Sewing operation
* Clean Sewing
* Powerful Needle Penetration Force
* CompactFlash (CF) cards can be used, sewing patterns created by a personal computer (programming software) can easily be added using panel operations
* Low Noise and Low Vibration

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