Brother BM-917B Auto Sewing Machine

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Brother BM-917B Auto Sewing Machine

Chain Stitch Button Sewer with Thread Trimmer

* Soft thread tightening
* Thread end on the back of cloth is eliminated
* Stable button sewing without ravel regardless of the thread is thin or thick
* Button clamp height: 14 mm
* Feed length (X-Y): 2-6.5 X 0-6.5 mm
* Stitch pattern: invert C shape
* Button size: 10-20 mm outer diameter
* Max. sewing speed: 1,500 rpm
* Thread trimmer equipped as standard


* Great improved stopping performance and durability
* Stable sewing tension by rotary type takeup
* Unique thread cutting system to eliminate remaining thread end on back side
* Exceeding controlability by automatic open-shut operation or button picking

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