Brother Innov-is 4000D Embroidery Machine

Brother Updated: 2008-02-14
Brother Innov-is 4000D Embroidery Machine

The Innov-ís 4000D is quite simply the most innovative sewing and embroidery machine ever. Sew or embroider at speeds up to 1,000 stitches per minute on one of the largest embroidery fields in the industry (nearly 12 x 7 inches) plus the world's first triple lighting system for ideal illumination of the working area. Choose from a large selection of embroidery designs, which cover every style including classic, romantic, modern and so much more. Simply touch the oversized color LCD screen to select embroidery patterns, stitches, powerful editing feature tutorials and more.

Sewing Stitches
Stitch Attributes: Mirror, twin, multi-directional, side cutter, satin stitch regulator
Stitch Width: Up to 7.0mm
Stitch Length: Up to 5.0mm
Utility stitch functions: 118
Reinforcement Function: Manual⁄programmable
Quilting stitch functions: 5
My Custom Stitch Feature (Create and save your own decorative stitches): Yes
Heirloom stitch functions: 25
Built-in Decorative Stitches: 369

Embroidery Pattern
Monogramming Fonts: 8
Frame Patterns: 10 frames, 12 patterns
Decorative Patterns: 369
Media Recognition: USB, memory card, stick

Needle/Thread Feature
Needle Threading System: Manual⁄automatic
Upper Thread Tension System for perfect stitches on any fabric: Button⁄pre-set
Needle Positions: Center, left preset, left, 15 settings
# of needles: 1 with twin needle capability
Bobbin: Horizontal⁄auto-delivery
Thread Sensors: Upper⁄Lower
Thread Cutter Button: 5 upper⁄1 lower
Bobbin winding system: Independent bobbin winding system

Machine Features
Maximum Sewing Speed (stitch per minute): 1000
Free Arm: Yes
Presser Foot Attachment: Snap-on
Presser Foot Height Adjustment: 3 levels (sew⁄emb)
LCD Touch Control Panel: Super large, color, high resolution 8.3"x3.1"
Presser Foot Pressure: Programmable (sew⁄emb)
Maximum Embroidery Field: 7" x 12"