Brother Pacesetter PS21 Sewing Machine

Brother Updated: 2008-02-16
Brother Pacesetter PS21 Sewing Machine

For the beginner or the experienced seamstress, the PS21 has an array of 21 useful utility and decorative stitches. This versatile machine offers great convenience, flexibility and quality at a budget price.

Sewing Stitches
Stitch Width: Adjustable Dial
Stitch Length: Adjustable Dial
Utility stitch functions: Yes
Reinforcement Function: Manual
Quilting stitch functions: Yes
My Custom Stitch Feature (Create and save your own decorative stitches): No
Heirloom stitch functions: Yes
Built-in Decorative Stitches: Yes

Needle/Thread Feature
Needle Threading System: Built-in
Upper Thread Tension System for perfect stitches on any fabric: Manual
Needle Positions: Variable
# of needles: 1
Bobbin: Drop-in bobbin, vertical
Thread Cutter Button: Yes
Bobbin winding system: Automatic

Machine Features
Maximum Sewing Speed (stitch per minute): 900
Free Arm: Yes
Presser Foot Attachment: Snap-on
Presser Foot Height Adjustment: Preset
Presser Foot Pressure: Preset