Belkin AV69003 FlyWire

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Belkin AV69003 FlyWire

FlyWire lets you place your HDTV anywhere. It allows you to wirelessly connect to, and switch among, several video-source devices: high-definition or standard-definition, digital or analog. It supports the most advanced high-definition standards, including 1080p/24, for today's high-end 120Hz TVs.

This innovative wireless HD interface from Belkin lets you connect your complete line of high-definition and standard-definition components, such as Blu-ray® players, digital video recorders (DVRs), HD set-top boxes, Wii, PS3™ or Xbox® video-game consoles, or standard DVD players/recorders.

With a range capable of reaching your entire home, FlyWire enables you to relocate or hide your components and mount your flat-panel HDTV anywhere, on any wall or surface, inside or outside of your house. You can enjoy HD programming from your HD set-top box, play the most intense video games with no latency, and watch HD movies at 1080p for a True Cinema experience.

* Lets you disconnect the AV cables from the HDTV
* Allows you to place or mount your HDTV anywhere in your house
* Supports 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p/24 True Cinema resolutions
* Maintains highest HDMI™ single-link video resolution
* Works with HDCP-compliant devices
* Selects inputs from the IR remote control (supplied)

Package Includes

* FlyWire transmitter and receiver
* Remote control
* IR receiver and blaster to extend the range of your current remotes
* 3 ft. HDMI cable (3)
* Quick Setup Guide
* 2 Year Warranty

Does this device use an 802.11 Wi-Fi signal?
No.  It does not. It uses a signaling and network protocol that is different from Wi-Fi.

What frequency band does the Flywire use between the Transmitter and the Receiver?
The FlyWire operates on a 5GHz frequency.

Is the wireless signal secure?
Yes. Information being sent between the Transmitter and Receiver is encrypted in AES 256, which is virtually unbreakable. For security concerns, further details are confidential and will not be made public.

Can I connect more than one receiver to a single transmitter.
No. It is only a one to one system and you will not be able to add a second receiver.