Bose 321 GS Home Theater System

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Bose 321 GS Home Theater System

3·2·1® GS home entertainment system

* Our popular 2-speaker DVD home theater system for medium-sized rooms
* DVD/CD player with HDMI output, AM/FM tuner
* Video upscaling up to 1080p
* Simplified setup: Just three wires and a power cord

Experience enhanced home theater sound from almost anything you watch - with greater simplicity than traditional five-speaker surround systems. The 3·2·1 GS Series III DVD home entertainment system delivers cinematic 2.1-channel sound with just two Gemstone® speakers and a hideaway Acoustimass® module. The system includes an elegant media center featuring a progressive scan DVD/CD player with HDMI output and AM/FM tuner.

Bose® patented Gemstone speaker arrays with breakthrough TrueSpace® digital processing circuitry transform home entertainment into a dramatic sound experience. The hideaway Acoustimass module provides the cinematic depth and orchestral sweep that bring movies and music to life. Place it out of sight to enjoy enhanced home theater sound performance with fewer visible components.

An elegant media center houses an integrated progressive scan DVD/CD player, AM/FM tuner and HDMI output. And with video upscaling, you'll enjoy resolution up to 1080p. Setup is easier than traditional 5.1-channel home theater surround sound systems. Just connect three wires and plug the system in for basic operation.

The 3·2·1 GS system is also equipped with Videostage® 5 decoding circuitry to deliver home theater performance from almost any source. Even classic movies and TV programs recorded before surround sound will seem lively and room filling.


Proprietary TrueSpace® digital processing circuitry delivers a spacious, multichannel sound experience with strong center imaging from just two visible speakers and a hideaway Acoustimass module.

Gemstone speaker array design, combined with our TrueSpace® digital processing circuitry, delivers the depth and performance of home theater sound.

Acoustimass module works in concert with the small speakers to deliver a fuller range of theater sound and effects. The patented Bose design produces low frequencies for all channels with no audible distortion.

Universal remote control uses an infrared beam to let you command your television, video source (e.g., cable box or satellite receiver) and most of your home theater entertainment system devices together with your DVD system.

Digital 5.1 decoding provides improved realism from 5.1-encoded DVDs, DBS or HDTV.

Proprietary Videostage® 5 decoding and post-processing circuitry, combined with digital 5.1 decoding and DTS®, helps deliver a high quality, five-channel surround sound experience from practically any source: DVDs, videocassettes, stereo CDs, even older mono TV shows and movies.

Digital Dynamic Range® speaker compression circuitry enables you to hear soft sounds (particularly dialogue) even at low volumes - and still appreciate the impact of loud special effects.