Denon AVR-989 Home Theater Receiver

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Denon AVR-989 Home Theater Receiver

The versatile AVR-989 provides unparalleled audio and video signal processing and switching flexibility, and is fully equipped to handle even the most sophisticated home theater setups.

The video section features four latest specification v1.3a HDMI inputs, with up to 1080p resolution as well as handling high definition multi-channel LPCM, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio soundtracks.

For standard definition sources such as DVD, the on-board Faroudja DCDi video processing and upconversion system provides near-HD picture quality.

Denon's advanced surround sound decoding section is powered by dual high precision 32 bit floating point DSP processors, a feature previously found only on our top-end models, and provides breathtaking surround sound quality from virtually any source.

Audyssey Dynamic Volume automatically eliminates jarring volume jumps between TV shows and commercials, and Audyssey Dynamic EQ ensures rich bass and smooth tonal balance, even at low volume levels.

Audyssey's MultEQ in-room acoustic optimization system provides up to eight measurement points, smoothing the overall balance for the most natural tonal quality everywhere in the listening space. Setup and operation are a snap, aided by Denon's enhanced icon-based on screen display that also features a screen saver.

Featuring both speaker level and pre-amp level second zone stereo outputs, the AVR-989 is the ideal centerpiece for a superb whole-home entertainment system.