JVC NX-HD10 Compact Mini System

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JVC NX-HD10 Compact Mini System

The JVC NX-HD10 is a compact mini system which incorporates AM/FM radio and CD with a 10GB hard Disk Drive. This unique system allows you the ability to record your entire CD collection onto the Hard Drive, with up to 220 hours of record time in Long Play. You can keep track of the hundreds of songs by allowing you to place them into one of 12 libraries, which you can label. You can also record from radio. It has a 30 minute auto record feature so you don't miss your favorite radio program if you have to leave before the program is over. This is perfect for your office, so you'll never have to carry CD's to and from your home to your office to listen to them. They'll be at your finger tips by either using the remote to search or you can add any PC keyboard for easier control. The NX-HD10 is a great addition to any home or office.

* Power: 28 watts x 2
* Active Hyper Bass PRO
* Built-in 10GB HDD (Hard Disk Drive) Recorder
* Long Play, 220 hours of record time (AAC 96kbps), Standard 160 hours (AAC 128kbps), PCM recording 15 hours
* high speed CD to HDD recording
* Smart compression mode (PCM to AAC encoding)
* CD and tuner auto recording
* 10 manual/ 2 auto libraries for sorting and storing albums
* 5-mode Album/6-Mode track editing
* Continuous/Album/Library/Random/Repeat play
* title input (library/album/track) from remote or keyboard
* Single CD player
* CD-R/RW Playback
* Digital Tuner with Auto Preset
* 30 FM and 15 AM Station Memory
* 1 bit D/A Converter
* 32 Track Program Memory
* Playback Modes: Continuous, Random, and Repeat
* 2-way Bass-Reflex Speaker System
* Metallic black finish
* White LCD backlite display with dimmer
* Full Function Remote Control
* Clock/Timer (Daily,Sleep,Record)
* AUX Input/Output
* Front keyboard input
* Headphone out
* 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

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