JVC RX-6000VBK Audio Video Control Receiver

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JVC RX-6000VBK Audio Video Control Receiver

The JVC RX-6000VBK is ready for the state-of-the-art in surround sound processing with built-in Dolby Digital and DTS Surround Sound decoding. To connect the latest in digital audio sources, JVC provides two assignable digital inputs (1 optical & 1 coaxial) for additional audio enjoyment.


* 100 watts x 2 min. RMS, both channels driven into 8 ohms from 40Hz to 20kHz with no more than 0.8% THD
* 100 watts x 5 min. (2 Front, 1 Center, 2 Rear speakers) RMS, into 8 ohms, 1kHz, 0.8% THD
* Unified A/V Remote Control that controls many other JVC products
* Dolby Digital and DTS decoders built-in for theater quality surround from digital sources
* Fully Discrete Outputs to ensure greater fidelity and longer life
* Digital Acoustics Processor (DAP) with 5 preset sound fields (Theater/Hall/Live Club/Pavillion/Dance Club) digitally recreates these venues in your own home.
* 3D-PHONIC Virtual Surround Sound creates dramatic home theater sound with just two front speakers
* A/V COMPU LINK provides simple one touch operation between your JVC audio and video components.
* Enhanced COMPU LINK Control System
* Dot Matrix Fluorescent Display with Sound Pattern
* Line level Sub Out
* One-Touch Operation, Bass & Treble Controls
* 1 Assignable Coaxial Digtial Input that you can designate to any digital source
* 1 Assignable Optical Digital Input that you can designate to any digital source
* 1 S-Video inputs
* 1 S-Video outputs
* 1 Composite Video output
* 2 Main Speaker Terminals
* 15 AM and 30 FM station memory
* 2 Year parts and labor warranty
* Weight: 22.5 lbs
* Width: 17 3/16"
* Height: 5 3/4"
* Depth: 15 15/16"
* Dolby Pro Logic in Full Digital Processing

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