JVC RX-DP20VBK Audio Video Control Receiver

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JVC RX-DP20VBK Audio Video Control Receiver

High performance and high quality are paramount with JVC's flagship receiver. JVC has teamed up with Texas Instruments to incorporate the world's first 1-chip DSP solution for THX processing. This chip processes 1800 MIPS(million instructions per second) for unprecedented speed and accuracy. The RX-DP20VBK features zero interference technology to ensure high quality. This technology uses separate block construction to eliminate any interference. This includes dual heat sinks and separate transformers for analog, digital, and video circuits. This receiver also takes advantage of the use of a C.C. Converter and a 24 bit/192kHz P.E.M. D.D. D/A converter to reproduce any CD or DVD signal the way it was intended to be heard. The RX-DP20VBK also has multi-room/multi-source capabilities which allow you to watch or listen to a 5.1-channel video or audio source in one room while watching or listening to a 2-channel source in another with the use of its IR/RF remote control. Finally, this THX Ultra II certified receiver has THX Surround EX Decoding built in with 7 independent amplifiers making this exceptional receiver the cream of the crop.


* 120 watts x 2 min. RMS, both channels driven into 8 ohms from 20Hz to 20kHz with no more than 0.02% THD, 120 Watts x 2 min. RMS, driven into 4 ohms, with no more than 0.07% THD. 4 ohm Rated (FTC)
* 120 watts x 7 min. (2 Front, 1 Center, 2 Surround, 2 Surround Back)
* Front channels are 4 ohm rated
* RF/IR illuminated LCD multi-brand remote control for operation of other brands cable set top boxes, TV's, VCR's, DVD's, and Satellite Dishes from anywhere in the home.
* Remote is capable of learning codes form any IR remote control
* Ultra-high current Dynamic Super A amplifier
* C.C. Converter (all channels) provides better resolution ,enhanced ambience, and greater depth by eliminating distortion known as "jitter" and "ripple"
* Single TI Aureus 64-bit floating point DSP chip with 1800 MIPS for for the worlds fastest high performing chip of its kind for unprecidented DSP processing
* THX Ultra II, THX surround EX, DD EX, DTS ES, DTS 96/24, DTS Neo 6, DTS Discrete 6.1, Matrix 6.1, and Dolby Pro-logic II
* DVD Multichannel Audio Compatible 7.1 channel inputs for connection to existing and future multichannel sources such as DVD Audio
* DVD-Audio bass management
* Multi Channel Digital Acoustics Processor (DAP), with Midnight Mode
* DSP digital EQ for all 7.1 channels
* 3D-PHONIC Virtual Surround Sound creates dramatic home theater sound with just two front speakers
* Multi-room/Multi-source capability allows you to play two different Audio or Video sources in two different rooms at the same time with both composite and S-video outputs.(5.1 Channel in room 1, 2 Channel room 2)
* High performance video converter: Converts any video source (S-video/Composite) into component format and feeds the signal to the component output.
* Precision Downmix Converter to mix down multi-channel signals to stereo signals
* Text COMPU LINK will transmit text data carried by media like CD-Text and MD to display on your receiver and a television
* AV COMPU LINK provides simple one touch operation between your JVC audio and video components. For example, pop a pre-recorded VHS tape into the VCR and it will automatically power up your receiver and your television and then turn them each to the proper inputs.
* Enhanced COMPU LINK Control System
* NEW overlay style on screen display simplifies control by allowing you to choose options from your television screen to operate your receiver(Component Video Capable)
* 3 separate transformers for Analog, Digital, and Video
* Low-noise ZIST circuit to eliminate audio and video interference
* High-Rigidity Copper plated Z-Chassis
* MM/MC phono EQ
* 1 12 volt trigger and IR in and out for improved integration for custom installations
* 15 AM and 30 FM station memory
* 10 Audio Inputs
* 4 Audio Outputs
* HD(60MHz-3db) component video switching for crystal clear video switching with no signal loss: 3 In/1 Out
* 5 S-Video inputs (1 on Front Panel)
* 3 S-Video outputs
* 5 Composite video inputs (1 on Front Panel)
* 3 Composite video outputs
* Assignable digital inputs (4 Optical, 3 Coaxial) that you can designate to any digital source
* 1 Optical digital output
* Line Direct for pure audio sources like CD
* Front A/V Input with S-Video (Gold Plated) for the convenience of hooking up any A/V source quickly and easily such as a camcorder
* Front optical digital in for the convenient hook-up audio from a video game system of other digital devices
* Line level subwoofer output
* 7.1-Channel Pre-outputs for added flexibility in creating a high end A/V system
* Removable Power Cord
* Surround back speaker outputs
* Center Speaker Terminals
* Multi-Way Banana Type binding posts for easy speaker connections (Main1/Main2[sub room]/Center/Surround/Surround Back)
* 2 Surround Sound Speaker Terminals
* 2 Year parts and labor warranty
* Weight: 52 lbs
* Width: 17 9/16"
* Height: 7"
* Depth: 18 3/4"

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