JVC TH-C7 DVD Digital Theater System

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JVC TH-C7 DVD Digital Theater System

This complete home theater system includes a slim design silver DVD receiver with a progressive scan five-disc DVD changer and an amplifier that delivers 1002 watts of total power. It also has built-in Dolby Digital/DTS/Dolby Pro Logic II decoders as well as front Floor Standing Tower design speakers with matching center speaker design and a powerful 10"subwoofer.

* 5.1ch Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro Logic II Decoders Built-in System
* Power Output:
* Front / Center / Surround: 167 watts per channel*
* Subwoofer: 167 watts**
* Playable Formats: DVD-Audio/Video, DVD-RAM / -RW, DVD-R (Video Format), CD, CD-R/RW, SVCD/VCD, MP3/WMA/JPEG Digital Still (CD-R/RW / DVD-R/RW)
* VFP (Video Fine Processor)
* Variable Search / Slow (Forward/Reverse)
* Resume Function
* 6-Step Zoom-Up (Jpeg 2-Step)
* Magnetically shielded front/center speakers
* DVD-Audio/WMA playback
* 5-disc changer Digital Theater System with 1000W Mega Power
* Digital Direct Progressive Scan Output for smooth and high-resolution pictures
* DVD-RAM playback
* Ultra-High Performance One-Chip AV Decoder
* Easy "hand-clap" surround setup — Smart Surround Setup Version 2.0
* DVD Express Play Start
* 192kHz/24-bit Audio D/A Converter
* 12-bit/108MHz Video D/A Converter
* Omni-Directional Surround Speakers for a wider sound field and realistic acoustic ambience
* 3-15/16" (10cm) x 4 + 1-5/8" (4cm) Large Front Speakers
* Large 9-7/8" (25cm) powered subwoofer
* Multi-Brand TV & VCR Remote Control with sliding lid — for easy, integrated control

* min. RMS, driven into 3 ohms at 1kHz with no more than 10% total harmonic distortion
** min. RMS, driven into 3 ohms at 100Hz with no more than 10% total harmonic distortion

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