JVC VS-DT8 Compact Component System

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JVC VS-DT8 Compact Component System

The VS-DT8 combines high sound quality and a stylish exterior. This new stlyish design is beautiful and functional, the layout free design allows the unit to be set up vertically, horizontally, or the unit and speakers are sheilded. The display is flippable so the display can be read when used either vertical or horizontal. The speakers use a unique oblique cone design, which reduces standing waves. And The newly designed Circular shaped speakers are magnetically shielded, designed for placement near a computer monitor. The CD panel is illuminted, and can be either 2 colors, blue or red, or it has a gradation of 16 colors so you can pick which shade you prefer, or have it change colors contantly. This newly designed system will compliment and decor whether in the home or office.

* Power: 19 watts x 2 channels
* Rotating display panel with flippable display
* Magnetically sheilded, Circular shaped speaker enclosure
* Hyper Aramid Fiber Cone
* Oblique cone speaker
* Digital Optical Out
* Electronic Bass and Treble Controls
* AUX input and output
* Subwoofer Output
* Digital Tuner with Auto Preset
* 30 FM and 15 AM Station Memory
* SLOT-IN CD Mechanism
* 1-bit D/A converter
* Continuous, Random, and Repeat Play Modes
* 32-track CD Programs
* 20 Track CD program chart
* Silver Finish with 2 color CD illumination with 16 step gradation, and an LCD Display.
* Clock/Timer (Daily,Sleep) with 20 minute back-up
* LCD display with dimmer
* Full Function Remote Control
* Optical Digital Output
* 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

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