Kworld KW-SA235 Scan Converter PCTOTV

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Kworld KW-SA235 Scan Converter PCTOTV

Transfers High Quality Dual Display and Power Presentation
Scan Converter PCTOTV efficiently transfer the on-screen display from your notebook to the TV screen.Delivering your power presentation with 1024 x 768 high-resolution dual displays!!

Easy Plug and Play
Scan Converter PCTOTV saves you the hassle of carrying around a power adapter.With the USB 2.0 interface, simply plug and start your amazing presentation!!

Supports Multi-National Signal Format: One-For-All
Scan Converter PCTOTV is your best business gadget.It supports multi-national signal format: NTSC (Taiwan, United States), NTSC (Japan), PAL (Europe)…etc. One device for your trip around the world!!


* The ideal teaching and meeting display equipment on the projector screen
* The perfect device for playing your favorite video files on your home TV
* Support NTSC & PAL Multi-TV System
* No software needed, but connect the PC with TV directly
* Highest resolution is 1024 x 768 @ 75Hz
* Adjustable display: screen position, brightness, contrast, definition and tone
* AV and S-Video signal input and output simultaneously
* No extra power adapter necessary: empowered by USB 2.0 Interface
* Support the power saving mode of DPMS that is compatible with display card