Kworld KW-SA260 Scan Converter Media Sender Wireless

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Kworld KW-SA260 Scan Converter Media Sender Wireless

Wireless Freedom
3 simple steps to complete setup without the hassle of software installation! KWorld Scan Converter Media Sender Wireless uses 2.4G wireless technology to effectively penetrate your walls and disregards your tangling mess!

Flexible Multi-Input
Sync your DVD player, and game consoles with KWorld Scan Converter Media Sender Wireless and enjoy unrestrained freedom of clear signals at all corners of your house.Connect these devices directly on the device; you could enjoy clear and consistent image streaming without the troubling mess of wires!

Powerful IR Blaster
Without using an additional remote control, you may control your equipments using the original remote control since these devices could be remotely controlled by the IR Blaster on the Scan Converter Media Sender Wireless.

Imagine the Possibilities
An unlimited number of Media Sender Receivers can be synced to a maximum of 4 Media Sender Emitters via wireless connections: watch Videos, and enjoy Music files through your Scan Converter Media Sender Wireless. All you have to do is connect your emitters with your home theatre and plug the receivers near your video device, then sync the senders and receivers to enjoy your favorite home entertainment whether you are cooking in the kitchen, or working in the study room.


* Use of 2.4GHz ISM Features
* Four set of transmitting channel can be selected for use, improving feasibility and reliability
* AV Sender supports up to 4 Channels TX/RX (4 pair of AV Senders support up to 8 devices)
* Matched transmitter receiver for the same channel or one transmitter for multiple receiver of same channel
* Compatible with AV output equipments such as video recorder, video camera, digital camera, DVD/VCD/digital set-top box
* Support IR Blaster function of433MHz infrared remote returning transmission, fully compatible with remote control as DVD/VCD/digital set-top box
* Strong infrared emission, without need of installing infrared emission extension cord
* Received image is clear and stable, bright color, articulate sound without noises
* Auto detecting NTSC/PAL system video and stereophonic audio transmission
* Complete hardware design, with no need of installing software
* Plug and play, easy and convenient