Philips WAS7500 Streamium Wireless Music Station

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Philips WAS7500 Streamium Wireless Music Station

With the waS7500 Stations at desired locations in your home, you can instantly play all your favorite music streamed wirelessly from the Music Center or PC. Enjoy Hi-Fi quality sound in this ultra-flat system.

Wireless streaming between Music Center and Station(s)
With wireless streaming, you don't need to download and store large music files on our audio device. Instead, you can listen to favorite songs as they are continuously streamed to all the Music Stations - at the same time. Have your music follow you from room to room with Music Follows Me - no need to restart navigation and playback. Music Broadcast simultaneously broadcasts your desired music from the Center to all Stations. And with My Room, My Music, any family member can enjoy selected music from the stored collection in any room that is equipped with a Wireless Music Center or Station.

Enjoy Internet radio
Easily access thousands of music channels and stations from the world through the internet. Listen to the latest hits or tunes from your favorite genre.

Wireless streaming from PC via UPnP
Connect your Wireless Music System to any Universal Plug & Play-enabled device to receive or transmit music.

Music Broadcast: Listen to the same music on all stations
Be your own DJ at your home party and simultaneously broadcast your favorite dance music from the Wireless Music Center to all Wireless Music Stations installed in various parts of your home. Great for parties!

Music Follows Me: take your music with you from room to room
Music follows Me feature allows you to bring your favorite music from room to room in your house without having to restart navigation and playback of that particular track. By simply pressing a button, your favorite song will follow you anywhere you go in your house.

My Room, My Music: Listen to different music in each room
With My Room, My Music, your family member can enjoy their chosen music from the stored collections in any room equipped with a Wireless Music Station. Multiple User Access technology simultaneously stream music selected by the client Wireless Music Station form the Wireless Music Center. One Wireless Music Center can stream music to up to five Stations. That's six different music options for your whole family to enjoy in any room - simultaneously and instantly.