Pioneer VSX-519V 5-Channel A/V Receiver

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Pioneer VSX-519V 5-Channel A/V Receiver

The most advanced technology is of little use without the expertise needed to maximize the benefits. That's why we take the time to make sure our components meet our exacting standards.

And the VSX-519V is certainly no exception. Designed specifically as a high definition A/V control center, the VSX-519V features HDMI® connectivity for sources such as Blu-ray Disc® players and HD gaming. And with an output of 550 watts (110 watts per channel at 0.05% THD), the VSX-519V provides more than enough power for a high impact experience.

With portable audio devices now becoming a primary source of music, convenient connections like a Front Mini input allow you to expand the capabilities of your iPod® or other portable music player. And with innovations like Advanced Sound Retriever improving the quality of compressed audio files and Auto Level Control providing consistent sound output from all 2-channel sources - the VSX-519V will ensure your compressed music files are played at maximum fidelity.

And that's just the beginning.

With multi-zone audio capabilities, we've also made sure the benefits of the VSX-519V don't just end in the living room. Capable of delivering 2nd zone audio to a distribution amplifier or even self-powered speakers, you can also enjoy your entertainment options independently of each other. So whether you choose to watch a Blu-ray Disc® movie in the living room or listen to a CD in your bedroom, the capabilities of the VSX-519V are designed to impress – whatever room you may choose to be in.

Power Amplifier Design: Discrete (Advanced Direct Energy)
Surround Power: 110 x 5
Channels: 5
THD: 1 kHz w/ 0.05% THD @ 8 ohm

Calibration Features
MCACC Speaker Calibration: Quick Setup
Digital Audio Processing
Digital Engine: Aureus by Texas Instruments
Dolby Digital EX: Yes
Dolby Digital 5.1: Yes
Dolby Pro-Logic II: Yes
DTS 96/24: Yes
DTS 5.1: Yes
HDMI SACD Transfer: Yes
HDMI DVD-Audio Transfer: Yes

Digital Video Processing
Video Adjustment: Yes
HDMI 1080p Video Transfer: Yes

Sound Enhancements
Auto Surround: Yes
Auto Level Control: Yes (2-Channel)
Phase Control: Yes
Advanced Surround Modes: 8+1
Front Stage Surround Advance: (Focus)
Sound Retriever: Yes
Midnight Mode: Yes
Loudness: Yes
Tone Control: Yes

HDMI In: 2
Component Video In / Monitor Out: 2/1
AV In / Rec.Out: 3/1
Audio In / Rec.Out (inc. tuner & front): 3/1
Digital Coaxial Input: 1
Digital Optical Input / Output: 2
Analog Multi-ch input: 5.1
Preamp Output: Sub
Front Audio Mini Jack: Yes
Headphone Out: Yes

On-Screen Display: Yes
Display Dimmer: Yes
Sleep Timer: Yes
AM/FM Preset: 30
AM/FM Station Rename: Yes

Remote Control
Type: System

Finish: Urushi
Speaker Terminals: Large (Front L/R)

Dimensions (inches): 16 9/16 x 6 1/4 x 13 11/16
Weight: 19 lbs 6 oz

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