Polk Audio SurroundBar 360 DVD Theater

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Polk Audio SurroundBar 360 DVD Theater

The SurroundBar 360º DVD Theater is the best performing single-speaker surround sound theater system on the market.

Based on our highly acclaimed original SurroundBar, the SurroundBar 360° DVD Theater adds all the electronics needed along with patented* SDA® Surround Digital Technology, to deliver sensational surround sound.

Best of CES 2008 - Home Audio finalist.
We were honored when The SurroundBar 360 DVD Theater was one of only 3 home audio products selected for this year's prestigious Best of CES Home Audio award. Based upon our SDA Surround Sound Technology, this groundbreaking home theater system produces truly sensational surround sound from a single speaker, without the need for a subwoofer. The addition of Polk SDA Digital Surround guarantees the highest level of performance with no complicated setup or calibration necessary.

Any room, in any location, with any TV. SurroundBar 360º DVD Theater features HDMI, component video, S-video and composite output for the video connection to your TV. It is currently the one of the few all-inclusive systems to feature HDMI for best video quality. Since no subwoofer or rear speakers are needed, you don't have to run additional wires or hide extra components in your room. Hang the speaker bar from a wall, or place it on a flat surface above or below your TV. The SurroundBar 360º does not rely on room placement or rear-mounted speakers to create fully immersive, 360 degree surround sound.

Mounting Options & Connections for SurroundBar 360º

You can either mount the speaker bar on the included stands. Or you can mount it on the wall with 2 screws, using the 2 keyhole slots on the back.

The compact DVD console goes either on a shelf or into your equipment rack.

To connect, plug in the power cord. Connect a video cable to your TV. Plug the included single speaker cable from the DVD console to the speaker bar. Turn on the system and you're ready to go!