Samsung HT-TXQ120 Home Theater System

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Samsung HT-TXQ120 Home Theater System

The ultimate in home theater, the HT-TXQ120 transforms any room. A magnificent 1000 watts of surround sound are delivered with superb clarity, taking high definition to a whole new level. Enjoy great picture and sound from your PC, digital camera and other devices, thanks to multimedia playback and USB host play function. With its impressive design and wealth of features, the HT-TXQ120 was recently given a CES Innovation Award.

powerful sound and clarity
Experience the ultimate in sound: 1000 watts of RMS power, plus the higher-than-CD fidelity of Super Audio CD (SACD)/DVD-audio. SAMSUNG's critically acclaimed 5.1 channel (center channel and four speakers) home theater system is enhanced with Dolby Digital®, Dolby Pro Logic® and DTS system, so you hear every clear, nuanced detail.

high style looks - and picture
The HT-TXQ120's clean, minimalist style complements SAMSUNG's full HD, LED-equipped "96" series LCD TVs. This home theater system is also fully compatible with 1080p resolution, so you enjoy an incredibly clear picture with brilliant color.

HDMI input and output
What better way to take advantage of their true HD capabilities. HDMI input and output allows for additional digital connection flexibility with devices such as set-top boxes, Blu-ray players and gaming consoles with HDMI.

360° extreme sound
SAMSUNG's critically acclaimed audio technology, Digital Natural Sound engine (DNSe), produces remarkable, three-dimensional audio – a 360° surround sound field – that puts you in the "sweet spot" wherever you sit.

clean, easy wireless connections
Your home can look as good as it sounds, thanks to wireless-ready technology that promises cleaner, easier installation. Using optional rear-channel wireless modules and TX cards (available separately), the rear speakers communicate wirelessly with your DVD receiver, making cables a thing of the past.

USB host
An integrated DVD player/receiver creates a fully integrated digital multimedia entertainment center. The USB host play function, an exclusive SAMSUNG feature, enables various multimedia files to be played without a PC, including DivX, MP3, WMA, and JPEGs. Also add portable digital devices without software for instant entertainment.

Total Power: 1000W
Number of Channel: 5.1

DVD Disc Capacity: 1 DVD
MP3: Yes
JPEG Viewer: Yes
DVD-Audio: Yes
WMA: Yes
WMV (1/2/3/7): Yes
DIVX (including XVID): Yes

Video Feature
Up-Scale: 1080p

Audio Processing
sDSM or DNSe: Yes
Dolby Digital: Yes
Dolby Pro Logic II: Yes
DTS: Yes

Wireless-Ready: Yes
HDMI Inputs: 1
HDMI Out: Yes
Optical Inputs: 2
Multi ch out: 0
Headphone Jack: Yes

FM: Yes

Type(Sat/Tallboy): 4-Tallboy

Dimensions & Weight Set
Net Dimension(W*H*D): 14.7" X 52" X 15"
Spk (sub woofer) Net Dimension(W*H*D): 11.4" X 19.7" X 17.2"
Spk (front) Net Dimension(W*H*D): 4.92" X 51.6" X 3.5"(stand base:13.38)
Spk (rear) Net Dimension(W*H*D): 4.92" X 51.6" X 3.5"(stand base:13.38)
Spk (center) Net Dimension(W*H*D): 21.65" X 5.39" X 3.35"
Gross Weight: One Packing: 132.3 Lbs.
Gross Dimension (W*D*H) : One Packing: 49.8" X 28.7" X 17.4"