Sony DAV-HDX585 BRAVIA Theater System

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Sony DAV-HDX585 BRAVIA Theater System

Breathe new life into your entertainment experience with the DAV-HDX585 BRAVIA theater system. It includes an integrated 5-disc DVD/CD changer, 1000 watts of home theater power, and an included iPod dock. In addition to impressive floor-standing speakers, you can easily send your music wirelessly to another room of your home with the optional S-AIR receiver/speakers system. Built-in HDMI interface upscales your DVD media up to 1080p while Digital Cinema Auto Calibration makes set-up virtually hassle-free by optimizing speaker placement in just 30 seconds.

HDMI Output with 1080p upscaling of DVD Media
Reads the data on a standard DVD at 480p and upscales the video resolution up to 1080p resolution for your compatible HDTV. This allows for you to enjoy superb video performance while delivering digital video and audio over one simple cable.

S-AIR Ready
Easy add-on features for multi-room listening and/or wireless surround for rear speakers

1000 watts
Enough power to get the most from the included speakers and subwoofer

Night Mode
Special feature to clearly hear dialogues, for example, there are dialogues in movies that are hard to hear or understand like whisper. With Night mode, you can hear even whispered words.

Digital Media Port
Ability to connect and playback iPod, Walkman MP3 Player, PC and Bluetooth-enabled devices through the Digital Media Port

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