Sony HT-CT500 Sound Bar Subwoofer

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Sony HT-CT500 Sound Bar Subwoofer

Experience surround sound with fewer speakers and wires. This sound bar delivers impressive, room-filling audio without the need for rear speakers.

Add more dynamic sound to your TV without the clutter of a traditional surround sound system. The HT-CT500 sound bar and subwoofer is a simple surround sound solution for your bedroom or small footprint apartment. This 3.1-channel speaker system comes with a built-in A/V receiver, 5 HD inputs (3 HDMI™ and 2 component) and icon based GUI with video upscaling to 1080p from analog standard definition sources. This sound bar is also equipped with S-AIR™ wireless technology for multi-room listening.

Icon based GUI
Icons appear on-screen and give simple feedback on use and set up features.

Analog Video Upscaling to 1080p via HDMI
This type of technology is usually only found in A/V receivers, gives customer the same benefit without the traditional receiver. Better image = more enjoyment and new life to standard definition sources.

3 HDMI inputs ( 5 HD inputs total)
Offers simple solution for consumers to access, connect and manage HD sources

S-AIR – Multi-room listening ready
Add on accessory simple to use and inexpensive allows people in other rooms to listen to music from the system

Analog upconversion to HDMI
Only need one HDMI cable to connect to the TV. Without this feature any non HDMI connected devices would have to have additional cables sent to the TV i.e. component

TV stand mount – W series only
Display the sound bar with TV, reduces footprint

400 W power
Plenty of power to support movies, video games and music

HDMI blending
Access or adjust system setting while watching movies or TV

Digital Media Port control on screen
On-screen navigation and control gives the user additional versatility when using digital media port.

Perfect match to BRAVIA TVs.

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