Sony LBT-ZX99i Muteki Hi-Fi Music System

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Sony LBT-ZX99i Muteki Hi-Fi Music System

Unleash your music. Featuring 720 total watts (180W x 4), and a 2-way, bass reflex speaker system (8.7" woofer and 2" tweeter x 2), the head-turning LBT-ZX99i Muteki mini hi-fi system transforms your audio experience. Hook up your iPod® to the dock and let your iPod tunes fill the room. Add a twist to your video game experience by mixing your gaming audio with a CD or AM/FM programming via the front A/V inputs and Game Sync Mixing. Additionally, the A/V inputs can also support your MP3 player, PC or other audio video sources. And with a built-in 5-disc changer and radio tuner, this is the only system you'll need to raise the roof.

AM/FM Tuner with 30 Station Presets
Provides drift-free tuning of AM and FM radio stations and lets you choose from a wide variety of radio, talk and music programming.

Game Sync Mixing
With front A/V inputs for Video Games. Mix gaming audio with a CD or tuner. 3 different modes can be selected: low, medium or high. The 3 different settings allow preset levels of game sound to mix with your music.

5-Disc CD Changer with Play Exchange
Accommodates factory-pressed CD-Audio discs and consumer-recorded CD-R and CD-RW discs and also plays back MP3 files burned to CD-R/RW discs.

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