Sony STR-DA1500ES 2-Channel Audio Receiver

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Sony STR-DA1500ES 2-Channel Audio Receiver

Transform your room into a concert hall with the STR-DH100 elevated standard (ES) audio receiver. Perfect for a small space, this 2-channel receiver delivers clear, dynamic stereo sound. In addition to 5 audio inputs and 2 audio outputs, you can also extend your music selection from your iPod, Walkman digital player, Bluetooth device or PC via the Digital Media Port input.

Simple stereo multi-room AV receiver
Perfect for dynamic music playback from a pair of connected speakers or distributing audio and video content to a second room from the built in tuner or an external source like CD or MP3 player.

Custom Control and Installation Connections
Features the necessary installation connections (i.e. RS-232, 12V Trigger and IR IN/OUT) required for operation with various control systems.

Multi-Room Audio/Video Output (Composite Video Only
Gives the Receiver the flexibility to share audio components (i.e. CD players) or video players (i.e. DVD players) in a 2nd room.

Stereo Power Rating: 95W x 2 (8 ohms, 20 Hz - 20kHz, THD 0.09%)
Good sound quality with little distortion even at high volumes

Multi Function Audio Port (DIGITAL MEDIA PORT)
Allows you to use extra speakers and select which ones you wish to us or use them both. Run speakers to another room and listen to the receiver in that room.

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