Tripp Lite B116-A03 DVI Splitter

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Tripp Lite B116-A03 DVI Splitter

With Tripp Lite's 3-Port DVI Splitter, you can both display the same image from one computer on three DVI-enabled monitors and split the 3.5mm audio signal. Use either in short distance applications, or, long distance runs, where the splitter is located, i.e., at the end of Tripp Lites P560-100, 100ft DVI cable, and split out to the monitors. Splitter provides 8db boost to the DVI signal coming over the 100ft cable, and fully regenerates for the last few feet to the displays. Multiple units may be daisy-chained to accomodate additional monitors. (Note: This unit only passes DVI signals; VGA-type monitors can not be used.) Supports 1080p and resolutions up to 1920 x 1200. 1-year limited warranty.

* Splits one digital signal to three digital monitors plus audio
* Daisy-chainable to accomodate multiple monitors
* Maintains highest DVI single-link 1920 x 1200 video resolution
* 4 x DVI-I 29-pin connectors (1 input, 3 output) plus 4 3.5mm audio jacks
* 1 in. long x 2.25 in. wide x 2 in. high
* 1-year limited warranty


* Computer with digital (DVI) card to two (3) digital-enabled monitors

System Requirements

* Computer with digital video card; monitors with digital (DVI) connectors

Package Includes

* B116-A03 3-1 DVI Splitter
* AC adapter (100-240V), 5V 0.5A output
* Owner's manual