ZyXEL DMA-1100P Powerline Digital Media Theater

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ZyXEL DMA-1100P Powerline Digital Media Theater

Easily Connect Your Computers and Entertainment Center for a Complete Entertainment Solution

Your computer is packed to the brim with audio and video files but you'd like to view them on your home theater system on the other side of the house. Our Digital Media series of products are the answer. These connect to your TV set and stereo system and allow you to stream files from your computer or from a DLNA or UPnP compliant media server. Free yourself from your small computer screen and view your multimedia on your home theater.

* No new wires: built in HomePlug AV Powerline network port.
* Supports High Definition up to 1080i
* Plays video and music from DLNA media server without connection to computer

Streams Movies, Music, and More to Your Home Entertainment System on existing power lines
The ZyXEL DMA brings the high-definition movie experience from your PC to your TV. With the DMA1100P, you no longer have to sit in front of your computer to watch digital video movies, digital photos and MP3 music. You can stream these digital media files via the electric lines in your home to your HDTV.

Plays High-Definition Movies From PC to HDTV
The DMA1100P supports popular media formats such as WMV 9 and MPEG-4. With the HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) connection, you can watch high definition movies up to 1080i on HDTV in the comfort of your living room. Small footprint and big resolution, the DMA1100P not only supports the latest HDMI-equipped TVs, but also provides composite audio/video jacks for everyone.

Plays MP3 Music, Digital Photo Slide Show, WMV 9 Video Without a Computer
Equipped with a built-in USB 2.0 port, the DMA1100P can directly play MP3 music, digital photo slide shows and digital movies from a thumb drive or external hard drive. Certified by DLNA, the DMA1100P can stream media from a DLNA media server. You don't even need to turn on the computer to enjoy the photos you have taken during the vacation!

Easy to Use
The included remote control helps you set up the DMA1100P on your TV. You can do network setup, and browse your video library, music library, and digital photo library. The ZyXEL DMA1100P truly brings the Digital Home into your life.